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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Goodbye Harmon Hotel

MGM have finally been allowed to demolish the Foster + Partners designed, Harmon Hotel at City Center, Las Vegas.
The subject of endless and expensive lawsuits after the structure was found to have construction defects, it will soon be a goner. The builder wanted to "fix it" and MGM would have none of it. Foster has been silent.
It will be dismantled, floor by floor, rather than imploded. So, if you're staying at the nearby Aria, Vdara or the Cosmo, be prepared for endless noise and disruption. For "The city that never sleeps", it will be another reason to be awake all night that's got nothing to do with the Cosmo's nightclub or pool scene. Sigh.
It's a pity. I rather like it, yet it has sat vacant and never used for some years now while the lawyers went at it. Something had to happen and finally a judge said it could.