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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Las Vegas resorts

Back in the desert again last month, this time in Sin City.

Again, not my usual thing, I'm used to beaches, ocean and humidity, but this assignment came directly from the shot of the W in Scottsdale I posted a little while back. Not too often that things like that happen, but when it does it feels that all is right with the world.

November in Las Vegas isn't warm, especially hanging off a terrace 25 floors up on a windy evening. The noise, crowds and hookers are all way down below. all I can hear is the sound of Stan Getz playing Bossa Nova from the room and Astrid Gilberto's sweet voice accompanying him. Perfect music to be shooting the Bellagio fountains to. We also did a number of stitched panoramas from this terrace that turned out quite well, although we were way off the twelve shot panos that Peter Lik did from an adjacent location with a Red Epic. But, that's Peter for you.

The new(ish) City Center is the largest private construction project ever undertaken in the U.S., and it is mighty impressive - hotels,casinos,shopping,entertainment and residences all rolled into one massive development.You could spend a month shooting the place and still have missed something, it's just that big - and worthy. Although I must admit that the Veer Towers gave me the willies - twin towers leaning in the opposite direction to each other. Reminds me of a hotel we did in Atlanta that didn't have one right angle in the whole place. Just doesn't feel right somehow.

A special thanks to the guys at the Sony Store in the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace for coming through when we had a technical issue. Not too often we find service that good anymore and more's the pity.